In addition to the KPIs and overall analysis data displayed on your Dashboard, CopeCart provides you with detailed statistics of your sold products.

Following the sales process is simple since CopeCart automatically updates the displayed data every time a customer purchases any of your products.

The gross amount stands for the overall income you have earned within the selected time period including taxes, fees, commissions, refunds, and chargebacks. This value includes only payments with the Paid status.

Pending amount shows you the gross amount of the outstanding payments. For example, payments made with SEPA or invoice are not immediate, and it may take up to a few days for the banking systems to process them. These payments are displayed with the Pending status to avoid confusion.

Revenue is the amount left after the tax deductions. It includes fees, refunds, and chargebacks.

Net profit is the actual amount you receive after all deductions as a payout according to the payout logic.

Net profit = Gross amount - Tax - CopeCart fee - Commission - Refunds - Chargebacks

You can switch between four tabs to review the next statistics:

In this tab, you can find detailed information about your sales. You can track how many orders, upsells, refunds, or chargebacks you had, and what are the total amounts of one-time payments, subscriptions, and net income per day.

This tab provides you with details regarding sales for every product you have created. You can see the product's conversion rate, how many page views every product has generated, how many product items were sold, etc.

This tab lists details about refunds that your customers have made. You can see when the refund happened and what product was refunded. Also, the list contains some customer information about the buyer who requested a refund.

In this tab, you can see the statistics regarding your upsell funnels: how many times the customers saw them, how many buyers purchased an upsell product or denied it, how many customers have closed the upsell page, etc.

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