Enabling an Addon or Order Bump is a good idea when you'd like your customers to have an overview of all the recommended products to be purchased along with the main product.

At CopeCart, you can set a specific price for your Addons and Order Bumps without having to change anything in the original product's configurations.

For example, you have created Product A and set its price to €100:

Let's say you'd like to use this Product A as an Addon with a reduced price so your customers could purchase it for €20 instead of €100 when buying another product. To do that, you should edit your Addon (not the original product!):

As a result, on the checkout page, your customers can purchase this Addon for a reduced price:

The changes you make to an addon product apply to Addon only and do not affect the original product.

In this example, it means that when your customers purchase Product A as a standalone product, they pay €100 for it, and when they purchase this very same Product A as an Addon, they pay €20.

These different pricing schemes do not affect each other since the original product configurations remain the same. You do not need to make copies of the addon product to change its price. Moreover, you can use the same Addon for some (or all) of your main products and adjust its pricing scheme independently in every case.

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