For every Vendor at CopeCart, there is a possibility to test the order workflow. It is free of charge and does not affect your statistics.

These test orders allow you to check how the payments trigger IPNs and if data transmission functions correctly.

General overview

If you want to test the order workflow without triggering the IPN, switch to the third step. This will result in a test purchase and a corresponding data record in the transaction list.

To run a test order that triggers the IPN, you should configure the IPN integration and follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Edit page of the product you'd like to purchase in a test mode and proceed to the Integrations section.

IPN integrations

2. Here enable both the IPN interface and the Test order option. Select the IPN connection you'd like to use and save changes.

Enable IPN

3. Proceed to the product checkout page and complete an order with a Test payment.

After the Test order is completed, check whether IPNs were triggered.

In this example, integration between CopeCart and Google Sheets is used. After running the Test purchase, the next data record appears in a corresponding Google Sheet:

Google sheets result example

Details and restrictions

  • Test purchase is free of charge.

  • When selecting a test payment as a payment method, no card data or bank details are required.

  • Test order is displayed in a list of transactions but is not included in statistics:

Test purchase data record

This means that you can run as many test purchases as you like and none of them will be calculated in gross revenue or net income.

  • You cannot remove the test order transaction from the list of transactions.

  • IPN and push messages are the only notifications triggered by the test purchases. You will not receive any email notifications after running a test purchase.
    However, if you use your email address as a buyer email address at a checkout page, you'll receive a default email about successful order.

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