CopeCart constantly improves user experience with services and features provided to clients and customers. From now on, it is possible to upload e-books directly to CopeCart when creating or editing a product.

If you would like to upload a file for a Digital product, please refer to the article about File storage.

To make an e-book downloadable from CopeCart, create an e-book product (or go to the corresponding Product edit page) and proceed to the Download product section. Then, switch on the toggle button to enable uploading, select a file that will become downloadable for your customers after they purchase an e-book, and set the limitations for download:

How to upload an e-book

Buyers receive an email containing a link to e-book download shortly after the successful purchase. This link remains active for the number of days and downloads you have set when uploading a file.

Specifics and restrictions:

  • It is allowed to upload only one file per product.
    If you need to upload a few files, compress them into a ZIP file and upload it.

  • The maximum file size is 5 GB.

  • Customers get access to the downloadable file after completing the order even if the payment status is pending.

  • You can upload an e-book in any of the next formats: .azw3, .epub, .fb2, .djvu, .iba, .lit, .lrf, .mobi, .opf, .pdb, .pdf., .prc, .rft, .tcr, .zip.

  • If the number of downloads exceeds the maximum limit set, no access to the file is possible:

Download limit exceeded


How to create a ZIP file?

Windows: select all files you'd like to include in a compressed folder.
Right click --> Send to --> Compressed (zipped) folder.
After compressing is finished, rename the folder accordingly.

Mac: select all files you'd like to include in a compressed folder.

Right click/two-finger click/Cmd+click --> Compress items.

After compressing is finished, rename the folder, if necessary.

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