The Right of Withdrawal - or, as it is sometimes called, the Right of Revocation - is an option that allows a buyer to request a refund for the product purchased within the revocation period if any.

The vendor assumes the obligation to refund the product price to a customer. Customer, on the other hand, either lose their access to the digital product or is obliged to return the physical product back to Vendor.

At CopeCart, the revocation period for any product is set to 14 days by default.

Customer withdrawal right waiver

The vendor can disable a refund/return option for a selected product. This means that a buyer must waive their Right of Withdrawal in order to purchase a product. Although this will prohibit the refund, it can still lead to chargebacks. More information can be found in this article: SEPA payments

This may be eligible for some products or services if the performance of agreement has begun with the consumer’s prior express consent and with the acknowledgment that they lose their Right of Withdrawal once the contract has begun.

Special cases: withdrawal right waiver & chargebacks

Though chargeback may result in a reversal of funds, it is not the same as a refund.

Read more: Chargeback policy at CopeCart

The main distinction between the two is that refunds are only possible within the revocation period, while chargebacks can be initiated up to eight weeks after the purchase.

If the purchased product has no revocation period or a customer has waived their right of withdrawal, a buyer (or buyer's bank) still can initiate a chargeback.

Possible reasons for chargebacks include but are not limited to:

  • Insufficient funds at the customer's account.

  • The customer's account has been frozen.

  • The customer has provided incorrect account information.

  • The customer has rejected/denied a SEPA direct debit.

  • The customer believes that the Vendor has failed to fulfill their side of the agreement.

It does not matter what payment method the customer has used when purchasing a product - SEPA, PayPal, or card payments can all be disputed.

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