As a VIP-Vendor at CopeCart, you benefit from various advantages regarding the service offered to you as well as from cooperation with the experts at CopeCart.

You can become a VIP-Vendor if you meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • You keep your sales steadily at five- or six-digit values per month or possess an obvious opportunity to reach that level.

  • You have existing or upcoming cooperation with CopeCart.

  • You show rapid and remarkable sales progress over several months.

Benefits of a VIP Vendor:

  • Personal relationship manager available 24/7
    CopeCart is always there to answer your questions. Just contact your VIP Relationship Manager in your VIP chat group and get a quick response.

  • Requests handled in the first place
    Feel like you need guidance on any matter or detailed explanation? Do you have any feature in mind that is not implemented yet but would benefit you? Contact your VIP Relationship Manager and we will record your request for future enhancements to our software.

  • Instant assistance with issues
    Your use cases are addressed with no delay. We work directly on a solution and provide you with information about the processing status so that you remain up-to-date.
    There's no backlog for VIP Vendors at CopeCart.

  • Feedback meetings
    Have you come to a stagnation? Do you feel like you've hit a ceiling? Has your revenue hit a flat path and you don't know what to do next? Would you like to report on your experiences with CopeCart? In feedback meetings, you can freely discuss your ideas and get some valuable piece of advice or insightful suggestions.

  • BETA testing
    Be the first to get your hands on new features, participate in solution development, and use your feedback to help us design the optimal approach for Vendors.

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