When a customer asks about subscription cancellation, the Vendor should do it manually. To do that, go to Transactions tab, search for the required order ID and click on it:

You will be redirected to the Order overview. Here you can cancel the Subscription: 

That's it! After you've canceled the Subscription, your customer will not be charged with recurring payment anymore.

Attention! In case of subscription canceled, the customer's access to product deactivates automatically only if you have the corresponding IPN configured. In any other case, you should deny access to products for the unsubscribed user manually.

If you do not configure an IPN, you will not be notified about failed or canceled payments and you will not know whether access to the product should be deactivated or not.

Subscription reactivation

Sometimes the subscription canceling may be unexpected even for customers themselves, and they would like to use your product in the future. 

If the customer has paid by credit/debit card, by direct debit, or by SOFORT transfer, the Subscription can be reactivated in the Order overview:

In this case, a new billing cycle starts on the date when reactivation succeeds and the first payment will be charged according to a payment plan (in a week/two weeks/month/etc.)

If the customer has paid via PayPal, it is impossible for now to reactivate a Subscription, so the product should be ordered once again.

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