This is a Mobile App overview.
To switch to Dashboard parameters description, click on the button below: 

Great news: CopeCart Dashboard goes mobile! 

This new cool feature allows you to:

  • Set and follow your financial goals 
  • Analyze your sales dynamics through KPIs 
  • Track your Affiliates performance 
  • Adjust and improve your marketing strategies 

This means that from now on, all you need to access the analyzing and reporting features provided by the CopeCart Dashboard, is your smartphone. 



To use the App, log in to your account: 

After signing in, you will be redirected to the Vendor Executive tab containing a managerial overview of your business activity.  

In a Vendor view, there are seven tabs each providing its own KPIs and diagrams (if any):

  • Executive
  • Performance
  • Subscription products
  • Sales
  • Customers
  • Affiliates
  • Income
  • Payouts 

Vendor view is set as default. To switch to Affiliate view, click on corresponding icon at the bottom of the screen:

In an Affiliate view, there are five tabs:

  • Executive
  • Performance
  • Leaderboard
  • Income
  • Payouts

You can track all product purchases, refunds, and chargebacks in a real-time mode with Livestream:

Please keep in mind that Livestream provides notifications for the last 24 hours only.

It is possible to change the tab sequence, or even disable any tab you'd like not to be displayed. To do that, go to Settings and customize the default view:

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