Now, after you have familiarized yourself with the Phone Offer feature and Affiliate Management, let’s have a look at the phone sales process.

Phone Sales in a Vendor View

Attention! Only the Affiliate account users can be added as Phone Sales Partners.
Users with Affiliate and Vendor account cannot become Sales Partners.

To allow an Affiliate to sell your products via phone, you should add them as a Seller: 

  1. Go to Affiliate management:  

2. Proceed to the Sellers tab and enter the Affiliate's username in a search field:

You should set the next configurations in a new pop-up window:

  1. Select product(s) that Seller will sell via Phone Offer.

  2. Set a commission rate (or a fixed commission amount) for a selected product.

  3. Save configurations. 

One Seller can sell as many of your products as you like, so you can set configurations for few products at once. It is allowed to assign a few different commission rates for a single product to the same Seller:

Later, when selling a product, the Seller will be able to choose a corresponding commission rate.

Phone Sales in an Affiliate View

When an Affiliate becomes a Seller, their default view should look something like this:

Here is where the Phone Sales launches.
Seller selects a product to sell and clicks on the Phone Sales button. The system redirects a Seller to a Phone Offer page, where it is possible to select the appropriate commission rate and change default product quantity on the fly:

Important! It is obligatory to select the commission to avoid the erroneous deduction of the Affiliate share. Afterward, there is no correction of the transaction!

To adjust to Buyer requirements, Phone Offer page allows to change product price and payment plan, too:

Next, the Seller fills all the required fields in with customer infromation and proceeds to payment:

It is possible to copy a link to the checkout and forward it to buyer or send them an automatic email so the customer will enter their payment data on their own:  

Please be aware that buyers cannot change any information on the Phone Sales checkout page, they can only fill in their payment data in the corresponding field:

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