CopeCart provides you with automated receivables management for purchases with invoices.

Please note that after your first sale with an invoice, CopeCart contacts you regarding the general receivables management settings. If you do not answer within 7 days, the default settings will apply and no exceptions will be possible.

Your customer receives two reminders from CopeCart by mail, 10 and 20 days after purchase.

If the customer does not pay the pending amount after the second reminder, we will take further steps in your and our interest. For this purpose, we have a highly professional collection partner on board at CopeCart, who takes over the further steps for us.

Please let us know within 7 days if you do NOT want us to automatically forward your customers to our collection partner. The alternative is to automatically cancel purchases if no payment is received after 30 days.

All letters, emails, and messages are coordinated with us and comply with our communication guidelines. Naturally, this service is included in your CopeCart Vendor Account.

In a case when the customer does not proceed with payment after the second dunning letter, CopeCart does not contact the Vendor to ask whether the order with the payment due should be collected or not. The order will be automatically forwarded to our collection partner.

Debt collection processing logic

Receivables management consists of different levels and can be terminated by the Vendor at any time.

First phase

One day after the purchase, the customer receives a call through our after-sales feature to clarify the next points:

  • Whether the customer has received the product.

  • Whether the customer's order was successful.

  • Whether the customer has received the invoice or other issues remain open.

Five days after the purchase, the buyer receives an automatic payment reminder.

Receivables management includes two written reminders as well as an automatic payment reminder, and, if requested, handover to our debt collection partner.

Second phase

If we do not receive the payment in ten days after the invoice is issued, a written reminder is sent.

If we still do not receive payment in 20 days after the invoice has been issued, a second written reminder will be sent, stating that in the event of non-payment we reserve the right to forward the claim to our collection partner.

Third phase

If the buyer does not respond to any of the reminders, no payment is received, the claim is forwarded to our collection partner.

The debt collection partner is a registered debt collection company that, if necessary, will proceed until a legal settlement is reached.

In the case of payment by installments, a separate invoice is issued for each installment and the above procedure is applied.

In addition, the buyer receives an automatic payment reminder by email five days before the installment is due.

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