You should be subject to VAT or own a small business to receive payouts from CopeCart for your Vendor/Affiliate activity. However, it depends on your business type what payout amount—net or gross—you will receive.

You can provide us with your VAT ID or tax number in the Account Settings: 


  • Vendors/Affiliates within the EU but outside Germany can only receive payouts with UID.

  • In order to receive payouts, a tax regulation scheme must be selected.

If you are subject to German VAT (i.e. you run a business in Germany), you will receive payouts in gross amount so you can pay back the corresponding VAT rate to the German tax office.

If you run a small business in Germany (i.e. your previous calendar year turnover is less than €22,000 and the expected turnover for this year is less than €50,000), you will receive payouts in the net amount because CopeCart pays the applicable tax for you.

If you possess a VAT ID in any of the EU countries (i.e., not Germany), you will receive your payouts net.

VAT rates

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