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Persons in Germany who run a business need at least a tax number and a trade license.

Companies in Germany (partnerships: UG, GmbH, AG) require a VAT ID (DE...) and a trade license/commercial register extract.

Persons/companies within the EU require a VAT ID (XX...) and proof that a company/business exists.

Companies located outside the EU do not need a tax number but do need proof that a company/business exists.

Required user actions at CopeCart

From now on, every new registered Vendor and Affiliate is asked to confirm their identity in order to maintain a commercial activity at CopeCart and receive their payments. This verification process is known as KYC - Know Your Client - and is used to confirm that a user is a real person and assure that the business relationship is free of fraud intentions.

When you log in to CopeCart, you’ll see a notification offering you to continue with the validation process to be able to receive payouts:

In a case if you see no notification, please go to the Account settings:

Next, switch to the Payment account tab and proceed with the steps described below.

Here you should fill out the form:

Please make sure you have entered all the required data correctly.

Then, click on the Save changes button and proceed to the next step by reading the pop-up message and clicking on the Start verification button. Please be aware that the verification process is conducted not by CopeCart itself, but by our partner website. You will be asked to upload documents and perform certain user actions.

Identity validation process at

You do no need to purchase any plan. Just follow the link at your CopeCart Account settings, familiarize yourself with the information provided, and click on Accept and start.

You should perform the next mandatory steps:

  1. Take a picture of you (selfie) with your device camera (web camera or phone camera). 

  2. Take a photo of your ID card/passport with your device camera (web camera or phone camera).

  3. Upload the certificate from the tax office (tax number, VAT ID, or VAT exemption for freelancers).
    Important! Only PDF files are accepted.

  4. Upload a trade license (for companies also the extract from the commercial register or VAT exemption for freelancers) as a PDF file.
    Important! Only PDF files are accepted.

That’s’ it!

As soon as our Support Team will be informed about the successful verification of a new user, your account will be validated, and you will be able to receive your payouts.

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