Important! Only a person already registered at CopeCart as an Affiliate can be a Seller. A user with the Vendor account cannot be a Seller.

Sellers are Affiliates with extended permissions whose task is to sell your products via the Phone Sales feature. Sellers can change a product price, the amount, and quantity of payments on the fly to make the ordering process faster and more flexible.

How to add a Seller 

The vendor should proceed to Affiliate Management and go to the Sellers tab:

It takes less than a minute to add a new Seller:

First, type the Affiliate's name in a search field:

Add new seller

When the user is found, configure the parameters for this Seller. You should select a product that this Seller will sell via Phone Offer and specify the commission rate a Seller will receive:

Commission settings

It’s up to you to decide how many of your products one Seller should sell and what commission(s) for this Seller to set. You can configure either a single commission rate for a given product or set a few commission rates for the same product for the Seller to choose from.

IMPORTANT! To become a Seller, an Affiliate should approve your request:

How to accept a seller request

When you set and save all the parameters, and the user accepts your invitation, the newly added affiliate possesses the Seller permissions:

Seller accepted the request and confirmed the collaboration

You can change the commission parameters at any time by clicking on the Edit icon:

Edit commission

Please be aware that two options are possible and allowed:

  1. Few Sellers may sell the same product.

  2. One Seller can sell a product with different commission rates, if any.
    In this case, when a Seller telesales a product, they can select what exact commission rate should be used:

Phone Sales

How to delete a Seller

If you’d like to stop collaboration with any of your Sellers, just delete the corresponding user by clicking on the Delete icon: 

Delete Seller

Please be aware that by deleting a Seller you terminate a partnership with them for a selected product only. For other products that this Seller sells there will be no change.

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