Sellers are Affiliates with extended permissions whose task is to sell products with the Phone Offer feature. Sellers can change product prices, the amount, and quantity of payments on the fly, so the ordering process is faster and more flexible.

How to add a Seller 

The vendor should click on his username at the upper-right corner of the screen, proceed to Affiliate Management and go to the Sellers tab:

The seller can only be a person that is already registered at CopeCart as an Affiliate. Then, in a Sellers tab, the Vendor should start typing the Affiliate’s name in a search field:

When the user is found, the Vendor clicks on their username and configures the parameters for this Seller. The Vendor should select a product that this Seller will sell via Phone Offer and specify the commission a Seller will receive:

It’s up to Vendor to decide how many of his products one Seller can sell, and what commission(s) for this Seller will be set. When all the parameters are set and saved, the newly added Affiliate possesses the Sellers permissions.

Commission rate parameters can be changed any time by clicking on Edit icon:

Please be aware that two options are possible and permitted:

  1. One product can be sold by a few Sellers:

2. One Seller can sell the same exact product (every time with a different commission rate) as many times as it is required:

When Sellers sells a product with Phone Offer feature, they can select what exact commission rate should be used in this exact order:

How to delete a Seller

If you’d like to stop collaboration with any of your Sellers, just delete the corresponding user by clicking on Delete icon: 

Confirm the deleting:

After deleting, the user will no longer be present in your list of Sellers.

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