Logisticians are Affiliates with extended permissions whose task is to track and maintain the procedure of shipping the ordered items to clients.

Logisticians tab can be found in the Affiliate Management page:

How to add a Logistician

When you want to add a Logistician, be sure that this person is already registered at CopeCart as an Affiliate. Then, start typing their name in a search field:

When the user is found, click on their username and confirm that you add them as a Logistician:

The newly added Affiliate will possess the Logistician permissions from now on.

How to delete a Logistician 

If you’d like to stop collaboration with any of your Logisticians, just delete the corresponding user by clicking on Delete icon:

Confirm the deleting:

After deleting, the user will no longer be present in your list of Logisticians:

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