Next, choose a checkout page template. 

One-step checkout template creates a not customizable checkout page that contains all the information for the given order and neither requires nor allows buyers to see the discount price. Addons and/or Order Bumps are listed on the checkout page along with the main product(s) as well as available payment options.

The second template creates a two-step checkout page that can be customized with additional pictures and subheadings:

Two-step checkout template also allows the Vendor to configure bullet points and make the discount price visible to customers: 

In the end, you should configure a newsletter option.

When you select the first option, a checkbox will appear at the checkout page, so a buyer can choose whether they want to receive any news from you or they don't:

The second option allows you to automatically include the newsletter in the order:

When you have both options disabled, sending newsletter buyers will be impossible.

Next, you should save all the changes made by clicking on the Save changes button at the top of the page:

Congratulations, you have created your product!

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