The affiliate program is not the only partnership available at CopeCart. You can invite another Vendor to contribute to your product as a Joint Venture Partner. In this case, you share the total income with your Joint Venture Partner(s) according to the rates you have set.

To add a JVP, you should do the following:

  1. Go to the Joint Venture Partnership section on the Product Edit page.

  2. Provide a username of the Vendor you'd like to cooperate with.

  3. Set a JVP share (in percent) that your JV partner will receive.

  4. Select a service that a JVP provides you with.

  5. Save changes.

How to configure the JV partnership

Please note that JV partners receive their share after all taxes, fees, and affiliate commissions have been deducted.

After you have configured the joint venture settings and saved them, the JV partnership becomes active:

Active joint venture partner

You can update or disable it at any time. The changes you make will apply to the new orders only.

You can add as many JV partners as you'd like.

More information about Joint Venture Partnership can be found here: Joint Venture Partnership at CopeCart

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