Affiliates promote and sell your products for a fee that you set when configuring Affiliate Settings.

You can cooperate with affiliates only after you have enabled the affiliate partnership option for a selected product:

How to enable affiliates

To track the sales of your affiliates, you should configure the tracking key. It is an optional parameter, and the affiliate link will work without it.

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Also, you should provide the URL of your sales page. It is a web page where you sell your product. It can be a product checkout page at CopeCart or a page at your website containing a link to the product checkout.

Sales page URL example

This field is obligatory. If you do not have a specific sales page, use the product checkout URL.

Please note that a sales page URL is not an affiliate link.

Next, you can provide an affiliate support page URL:

Affiliate support page URL example

It is an optional field, and you can sell your product without this link.

This is how links to the sales and affiliate support page will look like on the Marketplace page:

Marketplace product display example

As a next step, you should set the commission rate your affiliates will receive for promoting the product. You can set the affiliate share to a percent rate or a fixed amount that will be charged from every product order.

Commission rate and product visibility settings

IMPORTANT! For installments and subscriptions, the affiliate commission amount/percentage will be deducted from EACH payment.

The fixed amount commission should never exceed one installment payment.

When you set both percent rate and fixed amount, the affiliate receives their share for every product order plus a one-time provision equal to a fixed amount for the first product order. 

When you enable the Show in marketplace toggle button, you make your product visible to affiliates and other vendors.

Show in marketplace

If you disable this option, no user will be able to find your product in the marketplace.

In this case, you should configure manually the affiliate link and send it to affiliates, so they could promote your product.

When you'd like to accept affiliate requests automatically, enable the toggle button. In this case, an affiliate can start promoting your product straight away when they find it on the marketplace page.

Requests from affiliates

If you'd like to review affiliate requests before affiliates start to promote your product, disable the toggle button. In this case, an affiliate has to wait for you to accept the request to promote your product.

Please note that you can decline affiliate requests, terminate a current partnership with an affiliate, or change the affiliate commission rates at any time in your Affiliate Settings. The changes apply to the new orders only and do not affect current orders.

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