Affiliates are people who promote and sell your products. Affiliates charge a fee for their services, and their income is equal to the rate a Vendor sets.

To enable Affiliate partnership for a product, activate an Affiliate partnership program, and enter the Affiliate’s name and their commission rate in corresponding fields.

Tracking Key is an option that allows you to track where the buyers of this affiliate have come from. If one affiliate uses few platforms or landing pages to generate a customer flow, you can generate a few Affiliate links with different Tracking Keys.

You can set Affiliate’s share to a percent rate or a fixed amount that will be charged from every product order.

This amount/percentage will be deducted from the EACH payment in case of an installment. The fixed amount should never be greater than one installment!

When you set both percent rate and fixed amount, the Affiliate will receive their share for every product order plus one-time provision equal to a fixed amount for the first product order. 

When you agree to accept the Affiliate partnership request automatically, there’s no need to review the request itself and change its status to “Accepted” manually. 

You cannot be a Vendor and an Affiliate for the same product. For your products, you can be a Vendor only.

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