Please note that these notifications are automatic system emails and they are not IPN messages!

Email notifications do not trigger the third-party service to perform an action like sending access data to your customer, they just inform you about some customer actions.

If you’d like to receive notifications about sales, refunds, chargebacks, failed installments, and subscription terminations, you should configure the notification section.

You can provide one email address for all cases, so all notifications will be sent to one email box:

How to receive email notifications

You can provide a different email address for every notification, so, for example, the message informing about a refund will be sent to one email box and a notification about a subscription termination to another:

Different email addresses for notifications

Note: The field Invoice Copy for Logisticians is available for physical products only. Each time the physical product is purchased, the system sends a notification to the email address of a logistics service stated in this field. This notification contains the delivery address and all the data required for a logistics service to deliver the physical product.

Logistician email copy

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