An IPN integration allows you to automate actions like granting access to the product, sending emails, enrolling a customer into an online course, creating or updating the customer info, etc. All you have to do is configure an IPN integration and enable it for the selected product. The system does everything else.

How to enable IPN integrations for the product

CopeCart allows you to connect your products with third-party services using either a specified integration (Coachy, DigiMember, Infusionsoft, Klick-Tipp, Kajabi) or create a generic integration to any service or platform via Zapier.

You can select what third-party services you’d like to integrate your product with:

Predefined IPN integration types

Please note that third-party services and platforms by default grant their customers access to products when the payment status is either Paid or Pending. That is, you may see the payment as pending (it happens with invoices or direct debit) but your customer gets access to the product immediately after the purchase.

Please follow our tutorials to configure an IPN integration.

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