Addons and Order Bumps are products that are offered to a buyer when they purchase the main product. By default, this option is disabled.

When you enable this option, the Addon product or Order Bump will be showed to a buyer on a main product’s checkout page, so the buyer can add it to their order.

There is a difference between Addons and Order Bumps even though they both are automatically offered to a buyer.

Addons are additional products that can support the main product in a useful way. For example, if the main product is a set of online lessons, then a vocabulary might be an Addon.

Addons are placed on a checkout page, right below the main product.

Order Bumps, on the other hand, are extended Addons. They are always offered with some call-to-action-text and may not be supplemental for the main product. 

Order Bumps are placed on a checkout page, above the Confirm Order button. 

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