Addons and Order Bumps are product recommendations offered to a customer when they purchase a product.

Please note that you should create a product before you add it as an Addon or Order Bump.

To enable an Addon option, go to the Addon Products section at the Product Edit page, switch the toggle button, and select the product to be used as an Addon:

Addon Products section

By default, the Addon possesses the same parameters as the original product. If you want to change the Addon's price and/or payment plan, proceed to edit an Addon:

In a pop-up that appears, set the new price for this addon product or adjust the payment plan, and save the changes:

These changes apply to Addon only and do not affect the original product.

It means that the very same product possesses a default price when it is sold as the main product, and an adjusted (e.g., reduced) price when it is sold as an Addon or Order Bump.

If you'd like a newly configured product to be used as an Order Bump, switch the toggle button:

Activate Order Bump

Then you should add some call-to-action text and a brief description of your Order Bump to make it appealing for your customers.

There is a difference between Addons and Order Bumps even though they both are automatically offered to a buyer.

On a checkout page, Addon appears as a recommendation for the product a customer is purchasing:

Order Bump, on the other hand, always uses a call-to-action-text and may not be supplemental for the main product:

Order Bump Example

The number of Addons and Order Bumps attached to the main product is limited only by common sense.

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