You can configure selling restrictions to make your product available for buyers from all over the world or only for customers from the selected countries.

Select all countries
Configure restrictions

You can notify your customers that you do not sell the selected product to their country in two ways:

1. Use a default pop-up message.
When you do not switch the toggle button for a specific notification, CopeCart uses a standard message during checkout:

Default configuration
Default pop-up notification

2. Configure a custom notification.
Switch the toggle button, provide a message, and save the changes:

Custom pop-up notification
Custom vendor notification

You can sell the alternate product to the countries with selling restrictions. To configure a substitute product, select it from the drop-down list, and save changes.

You can add as many substitute products as you like and combine the alternate offer with a specific notification:

Substitute product configuration

In this case, your customer can select a substitute product that is more suitable for them. It will look like this during checkout:

Substitute products at a checkout page

Please note that when a buyer agrees to purchase a substitute product, CopeCart redirects them to the alternate product checkout page.

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