The payment details section sets the product cost, payment method, the possibility of a product return or multiple purchases, etc.

First, you should decide whether the product price is the net amount or gross amount. 

If it’s a net amount, then the applicable VAT rate will be added to it, and the total sum for purchasing will be higher.

If it’s a gross amount, then the applicable VAT charge is already included in this sum.

By default, one customer can purchase only one product item per order. CopeCart provides you with a possibility to enable multiple product purchasing in one order by one customer. This means that, when this option is on, one client can purchase several items of the same product per one order. 

You as a Vendor set the maximum quantity of product items that can be purchased by one client in one order.

For example, in this case, one customer can order three product items at once, instead of having to perform three identical orders.

How to set up a test period

Also, there exists a possibility to enable a test period for a product. By default, this option is disabled. Please be aware that a Customer uses your product for free while the test period lasts. This means that payment for the product will be charged only after the test period ends.

The test period can last up to 30 days. 

How to set up a payment plan

The payment plan sets up the payment method, type, and amount.
There are three payment plans at CopeCart:

  1. One-Time Payment (the whole sum is paid at once)

2. Subscription (fixed sum is charged from the Customer according to the defined time intervals)

3. Installment Payment (the product price is divided between several payments)

It is possible to enable several payment plans, so the Customer can choose the one that is more convenient.

IMPORTANT! For security reasons, SEPA is available for validated users only.

Vendors who have not completed the User Validation procedure (KYC), cannot set SEPA as an available payment method for their customers.

Attention! When setting a product price, keep in mind that there exists a SEPA limit at CopeCart. If a product costs more than 500 €, the payment with SEPA will be unavailable:

To change the SEPA-limit for your product, please contact CopeCart Support.

How to add/delete a payment method

You can select a payment method that will be used for the payment process when purchasing a product. On one hand, you can enable all of the payment methods, so the Customer can choose the one that is the most suitable. Please pay attention that Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay are automatically activated if credit card payment is enabled:

On the other hand, you can disable some payment method(s) you don’t want to be used by Customers:

How to configure refunds

You as a Vendor can configure the refunding possibility or make it unavailable for Customer:

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