In the Product Details section, you can provide and edit all the general information regarding the product such as product categories, tags, upsell funnel settings, product image, etc.

In addition to a product name and description, the Product Details section allows you to configure and edit the internal product name.

Internal product name

Think of it as of a label or a tag visible only to you and designed for internal use.

The internal product name is an optional field created to help Vendors to differentiate multiple copies of the same product that possess identical titles and descriptions but have some differences. Affiliates and buyers do not see the internal product name.

This option is easy to use. For example, you can create a product copy with a lower price and sell it as a special offer. This is very useful when you cannot change the product price, but you'd like to use a discount for this product for a limited period of time.

To avoid confusion, just provide an internal product name for a copied product.

Product categories

If your product maintains categories, it should be stated in a corresponding tab. Usually, the Category type is applicable to Physical products. For example, if you sell T-Shirts, customers should have the ability to choose their size:

Upsell Funnel

By default, Upsell Funnels are deactivated. To add an Upsell Funnel to your product, you should create it first and then select the desired Funnel from the drop-down list.

Tags and Thank You page

Provide a URL of your Thank You page. Essentially, it’s a web page that the buyer is redirected to after ordering a product.

Configured tags make it easier for Affiliates to find your product. Think of tags as of categories that the product belongs to.

How to add a product picture

Product pictures can help Affiliates and Customers to distinguish your product visually. It’s a good practice to add a picture that describes your product in a simple and easily understandable way.

An image should be clear and concise. It cannot contain any illegal and/or offensive content.

To add a picture, click on a picture field and select an upload a picture (with extensions .jpg, .png, .jpeg, or .bmp) from your computer. 

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