To create a product in a CopeCart system, go to the Products page in the menu and click on the Create Product button:

On the page that appears you should select the corresponding Product type. Please note that it is impossible to change the Product type in the future.

To select the Product type correctly, please follow the link: Product Types at CopeCart

Then set a product name, its price, and give a description for the product. Remember that a description should be short, concise, and appropriate so that customers can easily understand what your product is.

The description limit is 10 000 symbols.

NB: When creating/editing a product, it is better to format the product description with CopeCart formatting tools. When pasting text that was previously formatted in any text editor, all formatting elements might be counted as extra symbols. 

After product creation, you will be redirected to the product page. Here you should provide all the required information regarding your product.

Product type is a constant value that cannot be changed.

Product URL is a link that redirects the customer to a checkout page where your product can be ordered:

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