To create a product at CopeCart, go to the Homepage (Products page) in the menu and click on the Create Product button:

Create Product

On the new page, configure the general settings for a new product: set a product type, a product name, a product price, and a description. The only parameter you cannot change in the future is the product type. To select it correctly, please read our quick guide here: Product Types at CopeCart.

Creating a product

Please note that when creating/editing a product, it is a good practice to format the product description with the default CopeCart formatting tools.

When pasting a text that was previously formatted in any text editor, all its formatting elements may count as extra symbols. HTML formatting displays as plain text.

The description limit is 10 000 symbols.

Formatting tools at CopeCart

After you have created a product, you can configure all the Product details.

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