From now on, it is possible to use Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Microsoft Pay in addition to already existing payment methods when paying for the order made. This payment opportunity integrated with CopeCart requires no additional settings whatsoever: When forwarded to the checkout page, buyers will have a possibility to pay for their order with Google/Apple/Microsoft Pay.

This makes the ordering process a lot faster and easier for the buyer since there is no need to enter user data at a checkout page manually—the Google Pay/Apple Pay/Microsoft Pay service does that on its own.

Note: Google Pay/Apple Pay/Microsoft Pay is not a new payment method, it is a solution that integrates mobile payment systems with CopeCart. 

How to proceed with Apple Pay/Google Pay/Microsoft Pay?

Note: to use Google Pay/Apple Pay/Microsoft Pay, the corresponding payment solution should be preconfigured on the user's device.

At the checkout page, select the desired payment plan and click on the Pay now button: 

If configured correctly, Apple Pay/Google Pay/Microsoft Pay will automatically fill in all required fields (buyer info) and process the payment. 

Vendors should be warned though that orders paid with Google Pay/Apple Pay/Microsoft Pay will not be marked specifically (credit card will remain as payment method) since buyers pay via Google Pay/Apple Pay/Microsoft Pay with their credit card.

Google Pay/Apple Pay/Microsoft Pay is a payment solution, not a new payment method.

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