Introduction: What is What at CopeCart 

Anyone can purchase products at CopeCart without registration. Yet, in order to sell your own products or promote and sell products of other registered at CopeCart users for a corresponding fee, you should be a registered user.

There are three main groups of CopeCart users: Buyers, Vendors, and Affiliates. 

Buyers are the only users that are not registered at CopeCart, and they can only purchase products. 

Users registered at CopeCart receive all statistical and analytical reports, performance and sales dynamics reports, turnover reports for different periods. In addition, CopeCart provides its Vendors and Affiliates with dynamic statistics on buyer activity and enables clear and easy tracking of earnings/payouts.

CopeCart accounts are free of charge. 


Vendor is a registered user at CopeCart who establishes (creates) products and sells them. The vendor is a product owner who manages and configures all the product details such as product name, description, price, and payment details. Vendor decides whether a cooperation with Affiliates or other Vendors when selling a product is possible, and sets the share rate that will be paid to Affiliate or other Vendor.

Vendor can sell their own products as much as products of other Vendors. In other words, the Vendor account allows user to act as Vendor and Affiliate at the same time.

JVP (Joint Venture Partner)

Joint Venture Partner is a user registered at CopeCart as a Vendor. Joint Venture Partner contributes to a product of another Vendor by developing/testing/promoting it. Essentially, the Joint Venture Partnership is a collaboration of two or more Vendors on one product.

For example, you develop software, but you lack some skills. So, you ask another Vendor to help you. This Vendor becomes then your Joint Venture Partner, and the revenue will be shared between both of you.

How to distribute the revenue between all JVPs, read here: JVP at CopeCart

Can I create my own products and sell products of other Vendors?

With a Vendor account, you can.

With an Affiliate account, you can only sell products of other vendors.

Can an Affiliate be a JVP?

No. Only another Vendor can contribute to the product as JVP.


Affiliate is a user registered at CopeCart who sells products of other people (i.e., Vendors) and receives an established commission for it. In other words, Affiliate is a collaborator who promotes Vendor’s products and sells them via a special link. 

NB: When the product is purchased not via the corresponding Affiliate link, an Affiliate receives no Affiliate fee.

To sell products of other Vendors, Affiliate should send a request for collaboration to a Vendor. When the request is approved, Affiliate receives a fixed fee every time the product is purchased via the corresponding affiliate link. If the request is denied, no Affiliate link can be provided, so Affiliate is not able to promote and sell the product.

Logistics specialists

Logistics specialists (or logisticians) are Affiliates with extended permissions. It is a special group of users created to maintain and track all the shipping activities. 

Affiliate becomes a Logistician when a Vendor adds them as a Logistician. Affiliate cannot request Logistician rights. 

How to add a Logistician is described here: Affiliate Management

Can a user with a Vendor account become a Logistician?

No. Only Affiliate account allows one to become a Logisitician. 

Can a registered user be an Affiliate for one Vendor, and a Logistician for another one?

Yes. Logistician permissions apply only to single Vendor-Affiliate cooperation. For all other Vendors this exact Affiliate will be just an Affiliate.

Can an Affiliate establish their own products?


Only Vendors can create products.


Sellers are Affiliates with extended permissions. It is a special group of users created to sell products via Phone Offer feature.

Can a user with a Vendor account become a Seller?

No. Only an Affiliate account allows one to become a Seller. 

Read more: What a Phone Offer Feature is and how Vendors can use it?

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