Requirements and Prerequisites

The correct assignment of partner ID works (at CopeCart, as well as at all other partner platforms) via cookies. When a buyer clicks on a CopeCart affiliate link, a cookie is set in their browser. This cookie later correctly assigns the Affiliate ID on the checkout form, so that the affiliate gets their corresponding commission.

But what if the buyer registers for a webinar vi their smartphone and then attends the webinar on their PC and in a different browser? The CopeCart Pixel is not available there and therefore a possible sale cannot be assigned to the Affiliate.


Cross-device webinar tracking makes it possible to assign a sale to the recommending affiliate even if the participation in the webinar takes place on a different day, on a different end device, and with a different browser.
The prerequisite for this is that your webinar software can save link parameters.

Guide for Multi-Device Webinar Tracking

To install the Multi-Device Webinar Tracking, please follow these steps:

  1. Get informed and make sure that your webinar software can save link parameters correctly.

  2. Set your webinar invitation page as the "Sales Page" or "Link to Sales Page" in your product settings in CopeCart.

  3. Check that your webinar software correctly stores the Affiliate ID that CopeCart attaches to each sales page.

    Your CopeCart Affiliate link will look like this:{product ID}/p/{affiliate ID}/, where {product ID} is your Product ID, of course, and {affiliate ID} is replaced with each Affiliate's ID accordingly.  

    If your webinar invitation page is in the (sample) format, then CopeCart will automatically convert this URL to the following URL when the affiliate link is clicked:{affiliate ID}.

    Note that CopeCart will send the Affiliate ID to your webinar invitation page so that its webinar software can store the affiliate's Affiliate ID.  This Affiliate ID must be stored by your webinar software in the profile of the registered webinar attendee.

  4. In all purchase links you're using with your webinar software (banners, buttons, etc.), use your CopeCart Affiliate ID in the form of the link parameter your webinar software has stored. Your purchase link in the webinar will look like this again:{product ID}/p/{affiliate ID}/, where {product ID} is your Product ID, and under {affiliate ID} your webinar software will automatically use the affiliate ID of the affiliate the webinar attendee is associated with.

  5. Professional Tip: If you send your Affiliate ID to your email marketing software during webinar registration, you can also dynamically use the CopeCart Affiliate ID of your Affiliates in purchase links in your follow-up emails. This allows you to better assign your Affiliates to the referred buyers and thus ensure that they receive the commission for your follow-up campaigns!

  6. As always, test your setup thoroughly before you start your webinar campaign!

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