Payment Methods Overview

It is possible to pay for ordered at CopeCart products with different payment systems and methods:

  • Credit/Debit card (including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Microsoft Pay) 

  • PayPal


  • SEPA

  • Invoices

Pay attention that the credit/debit card method allows buyers to pay via Apple Pay/Google Pay/Microsoft Pay only if any of these payment systems are preconfigured on buyers’ devices.


  1. SOFORT is incompatible with subscription and installment payment plans.

  2. The invoice payment method is incompatible with the subscription.

  3. The invoice payment method is not available for Upsells.

Attention! CopeCart has set the payment limit for SEPA. When the total order amount exceeds 500€, SEPA cannot be chosen as a payment method. Vendors should take that into account when setting a product price: If it runs over 500€, you should contact the CopeCart Support team to change the SEPA payment limit.

Payment Duration

With SOFORT, the payment is authorized immediately, but the funds are only guaranteed when SOFORT receives them. This usually takes 2 business days, but can be delayed up to 14 days.

For a SEPA direct debit, the payment confirmation takes 6 working days on average (sometimes it takes up to 14 business days).

IMPORTANT! SEPA transactions are not immediate. Since processing a SEPA refund can take up to five business days, always inform your customers that you have refunded them to avoid double refunds and chargebacks.

If you would like your product to be activated/sent to your customers immediately after receiving their order, we will be happy to contact your associated provider/logistician and ask them to set this up.

Please note that this involves an increased risk as the payments are not yet confirmed. If the payment is not successful, the access can be blocked again automatically. If you still want to handle it this way, please contact our support in the chatbox here on the bottom right.


The addon is always included in the order along with the main product. The buyer cannot pay for addon separately, that’s why the payment for addon is processed along with main product payment. This results in the total amount paid for the order. 

Addon’s payment plan determines the payment method for the whole order. 

The table below explains which payment methods are available for the exact combination of main product and addon payment plans:

Upsell, on the other hand, is processed as a separate order and is never included in the order with the main product. It means that the Upsell order possesses its own transaction and order ID.

Changing the payment method

Next payment methods can be changed to another one:

  • Credit/debit card


  • SEPA

Payment methods mentioned above can be changed either to credit/debit cards or SEPA.

It is impossible to switch to SOFORT.

For now, PayPal forbids any change of payment method. It means that if the customer selects PayPal as a payment method, they cannot switch to another one in the future. Also, it is impossible to switch to PayPal from any other payment method.

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