As a part of user experience improvement, CopeCart presents a new feature – the ability to change a payment method.

Payment Method Change Overview

As of now, it is possible to change a payment method if payment failed. For example, when a payment fails with SOFORT, the customer receives a link that allows changing a payment method either to SEPA or a credit/debit card. 


Next payment methods can be changed to another one:

  • Credit/debit card


  • SEPA

Payment methods mentioned above can be changed either to credit/debit cards or SEPA.

It is impossible to switch to SOFORT.

For now, PayPal forbids any change of payment method. It means that if a customer selects PayPal as a payment method, they cannot switch to another one in the future. Also, it is impossible to switch to PayPal from any other payment method. 

How can Customer change a payment method?

If payment has failed, a notification e-mail is sent to a customer with a link that enables the changing of payment method. To select another payment method, customers should follow that link.

When a payment method is changed successfully, the next notification appears:

There is no need to inform a Vendor about switching to another payment method; Vendor is automatically notified about it when a customer performs the next payment.


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