CopeCart presents a new feature, the ability to pay for an order with an invoice.

Feature Overview for Vendors

In addition to collaboration with the payment service providers like SEPA, PayPal, SOFORT, and a possibility to pay with a debit/credit card, CopeCart now enables customers to pay for their orders via invoices. 

Since the invoice payments are processed directly by the bank system, CopeCart charges a Vendor with a 1% to 2.5% fee per invoice transaction (compared to 4.9% + 1€ per transaction for other payment methods). CopeCart fee is calculated according to the number of invoices set as per the previous month or their total amount:

  • Up to 10 invoices (1€ - 100 000€ turnover) – 2.5% fee +1€ per transaction.
  • 11 to 50 invoices (100 000€ - 150 000€ turnover) – 1.5% fee + 1€ per transaction.
  • More than 50 invoices (more than 150 000€ turnover) – 1% fee + 1€ per transaction.

For all new Vendors during their first month CopeCart, the default fee is 4.9%.

To make invoice payments available for your buyers, enable this option in the Payment details section of the Edit Product page:


  1. It is impossible to change from invoice payment to another payment method. Also, other payment methods cannot be changed to the invoice.
  2. The subscription payment plan is incompatible with invoices. 

Feature Overview for Buyers

To select an invoice as your payment method, choose Rechnung payment option on a checkout page: 

After that, an automatically generated pro forma invoice that contains all the required bank details will be sent to your e-mail. After your order will be paid in a bank, you will receive a standard invoice from CopeCart that confirms the transaction.

Some clarifications:

What happens if I mistakenly transfer money to an incorrect bank account?

There are two options:

  • The payment may not be processed due to invalid account data.
  • You can request a chargeback from your bank if the payment was processed.

Can I pay with an invoice for the Upsell product?


Invoice payments are available for main products and addons with one-time payment plans.

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