Refunds Overview

The process of transaction amount returning—total or partial—to the buyer is called a Refund.

Refunds are initiated by the Vendor or by CopeCart on the Vendor’s behalf.

The flow of the refunding process is rather simple: a Vendor initiates the refund, confirms the amount to be refunded, and transfers money to the buyer. A refund is initiated by the Vendor (for example, when a product is sold out), or by CopeCart support due to the customer’s request.

For refunds, we use the same payment method the Buyer has chosen to pay for their order.

How to initiate a refund

First, go to Transactions page, scroll the page down to see Transactions list, and enter the corresponding information (Transaction ID/Order ID/Customer’s Name/Product ID/Order ID) in the search field:

Second, click on the Refund icon:

Finally, in a dialogue window that appears, confirm the sum that will be refunded to Customer:

Another way to perform a refund is to proceed to Order Overview:

Then, in Payment details section click on the Refund button:

Finally, in a dialogue window that appears, confirm the sum that will be refunded to Customer:

That’s it. The money will be returned to Customer in full amount, and a corresponding Transaction record will appear in the Transactions list. 

Refunds FAQ:

What could be the reasons for the refund?

The most frequent occasions when refunds take place are:

  • The Vendor cancels an order (or part of it) due to the buyer's request.

  • The Vendor cancels an order (or part of it) due to products run out of stock.

  • The buyer returns a product within the return period.

  • The buyer is unsatisfied with the purchased product and asks for money return.

How long does a refund take?

In most cases, refunds are processed immediately. The buyer will receive their money back instantly or within 10 business days.

IMPORTANT! SEPA transactions are not immediate. Since processing a SEPA refund can take up to five business days, always inform your customers that you have refunded them to avoid double refunds and chargebacks.

What charges apply to refunds?

CopeCart charges no fees per refund.

What products are not refundable?

  1. Products subjected to trials and test periods. If a customer returns a product within the trial period, there can be no refund. 

The thing is that buyer pays for the product only after the trial period ends. If the trial period is not over, the product is not paid for yet, so no refund is possible. When the trial is over and a buyer has paid for the product, a refund can be requested.

    2. Products with expired return period. By default, the return period is equal to 14 days after the product purchase. 

When the return period expires, refunding automatically becomes disabled. 

    3. Products with initially disabled return period. This option can be selected when creating/editing a product, in the Payment Details section:

Please remember that buyers should be warned about the disabled return before they proceed to payment.

Most refunds are initiated and processed by CopeCart on the Vendor's behalf. We are sure that our customers deserve the best, so we take care of all the formalities to improve our users’ experience and meet their expectations. 

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