Payout is the process of transferring the earned amount to the client’s account. To receive payouts, be sure that all your payment data are entered correctly in the Account Settings tab:

Important! The payout VAT is always calculated at the moment of sale.
If you are a Vendor or an Affiliate from Germany and you sell a product before you've successfully passed the user verification procedure, the payout for that sale is always in net amount.

It means that if you have no tax settings configured, you cannot receive the payout in gross amount, and CopeCart returns the corresponding VAT rate to the German tax office.

Please remember that payouts are not immediate.

Payouts FAQ:

When will I receive my payouts?

Payouts are processed on the 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th days of every month. 

It’s already 7th (14th, 21st, or 28th) day of the month. Why have I not received my payout yet?

There can be several reasons:

  • Because it’s a holiday or a weekend. You will receive your pending payout on the next first business day.

  • You have changed the default payout settings from weekly payout to another (once every two weeks or monthly payout).

  • Your actually earned income is less than the minimum payout amount you've set.

  • You have entered the incorrect payment details. Check them in your account settings and provide correct data.

What do negative numbers in a payout represent?

Negative amounts (for example, -10€ or -17.25€) are amounts refunded or returned to buyers as chargebacks. 

NB: To keep our calculation process transparent, both net income amount and refund/chargeback amount are stated in the payout. 


A buyer purchases a product, and a Vendor receives 20€ of net income. This sum is written down to payout as a positive number of 20€. Sometime later, the buyer returns a product and asks for a refund. This refund will be stated in the next payout as a negative amount of -20€.

Are payouts divided into parts?

Yes, the payouts are processed in two steps. This is required to secure both the buyer and the vendor.

80% of Earned Net Amount is paid out to Vendor/Affiliate on the first applicable payout date 14 days after the payment was paid.

20% of Earned Net Amount is paid out to Vendor/Affiliate on the first applicable payout date 40 days after the payment was paid.


Let’s assume that the purchase and the payment happened on the 26th of July, 2019. The vendor’s Earned Net Amount is 1000€.

The 14th day after the successful payment is August 9, 2019, but the first applicable payment date is August 14. So, 800€ (80% of Earned Net Amount) will be paid out to the Vendor on August 14, 2019.

The 40th day after the payment is September 6, 2019. The first applicable payment date is September 7, 2019. But since it is Saturday, 200€ (remaining 20% of Earned Net Amount) will be paid out to Vendor/Affiliate on Monday, September 9, 2019.

What happens if I have a chargeback or refund?

The sum of the chargeback and/or refund will be automatically deducted from your income. 

Earned Net Income is stated in the invoice as a positive number (e.g., 100€). The deducted amount (Refund/Chargeback) represents a negative number (e.g. -20€).

Please be aware that Chargebacks and Refunds both are processed according to the same two-step scheme as usual payments.

It means that 80% of Chargeback/Refund will be deducted from Vendor on the 14th day after the Chargeback/Refund request has been registered in the system.

The rest 20% of Chargeback/Refund will be deducted on the 40th day after the Chargeback/Refund request has been registered in the system. 

I’m not a Vendor. Why is chargeback/refund deducted from my payout?

Chargebacks/refunds are distributed between all parties (Vendor, JVPs, Affiliates) according to their shares.


Let’s imagine that revenue is distributed the next way:

Vendor - 50%

JVP1 – 30%

JVP2 – 20%

This means, 50% of Chargeback or Revenue will be deducted from Vendor, 30% from Joint Venture Partner1, 20% from Joint Venture Partner2. 

NB: The Affiliate also will be deducted with Chargeback/Refund according to their rate. If the affiliate rate is set to 50%, then 50% of Chargeback/Refund will be deducted from Affiliate income.

Are there any additional chargeback fees?

This fee depends on the payment service provider and is divided between Vendor, JVPs, and Affiliates (if any) according to their shares, too.

This means that chargeback is always a loss since both the product cost and a chargeback fee will be deducted. 

NB: The Chargeback fee is also processed in a two-step scheme (80% fee is charged on the 14th day, 20% on 40th day).

Why there are so many chargebacks and refunds in my payout invoice?

Because every Chargeback/Refund process goes under a two-step scheme. 80% amount is returned on the 14th day after the request, 20% on the 40th day after request. Two partial transactions for a single Chargeback or single Refund are distributed in time. 

Another—more crucial—reason could be insufficient product quality. When buyers are unsatisfied with what they receive, they ask for a reimbursement.

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