When a vendor or affiliate income is received, there are occasional chargebacks and refunds. In order to avoid additional transaction costs or overdrawing your CopeCart account, CopeCart temporarily retains so-called security retention for your safety.

CopeCart has the following regulation for this:  

CopeCart will pay you 80% of the amount on the next possible payment date (at the earliest 14 days after successful order). CopeCart will pay the remaining 20% after 40 days because of security retention.

You can set the payout frequency and the minimum payment in the Payout tab of your Account Settings

Example of security deposit calculation:

If you have an income of 1000 € on 27.08. and there is no chargeback to the customer, you will receive a payout of 800 € (80% of the purchase amount) on the next possible date (i.e. on 14.09.) After 40 days you will get the remaining 200 € (20% of the purchase amount) if there was no chargeback to the customer during this time.

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