In a Vendor view, the Affiliate Management tab lists all the Affiliates, Logisticians, and Sellers a Vendor collaborates with (click on the image to view it full size):

Affiliate list for vendors

In an Affiliate view, this tab provides information regarding products the Affiliate sells (as a Seller) and delivers (as a Logistician).

Affiliate Management Tab

Affiliate Management tab provides you with the list of your affiliate partnerships (both confirmed and declined), Logisticians, and Sellers.

Affiliate management

The Affiliate management tab lists all the Affiliates who collaborate with you at the moment, and all Affiliates whose requests for the cooperation you have declined. Affiliates who have not sent you a request for collaboration are not listed here.

Important! Affiliates are listed per product, i.e., few Affiliates can promote the same product.

List of affiliates: Vendor view


Logisticians are Affiliates with extended permissions whose task is to track and maintain the procedure of supplying the ordered items to clients.

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Sellers are Affiliates with extended permissions whose task is to sell products with the Phone Offer feature. Sellers can change product prices, the amount, and quantity of payments on the fly, so the ordering process becomes faster and more flexible.

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Affiliate Requests Tab

An Affiliate who wants to promote and sell your products sends you a request for collaboration. If you set the request confirmation to manual and agree to collaborate with this Affiliate, confirm their request on an Incoming Requests tab:

A request from an Affiliate

To accept Affiliate requests automatically, check this option in the Affiliate Settings of the Edit Product page:

Accept affiliate requests automatically

To see your own Affiliate requests (i.e., requests you send to another Vendor when you’d like to promote their products as an Affiliate), proceed to the Outgoing Requests tab:

Vendor's outgoing request

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