As an affiliate, you do not need to obtain approval for upsell products from CopeCart. If you are allowed to promote a frontend product, all Upsell products in the Upsell funnel of that product are automatically approved for you.

 This has several advantages:

  1. Simplicity: Instead of having to request approval for countless upsells, you as an affiliate now have to take care of the approval of the frontend products. You will automatically receive the approval for the upsells! As you know, we at CopeCart love to make your (Affiliate) life easier!

  2. Fairness: In the past, many affiliates have missed out on large sums of money because they forgot to ask for approval for a particular upsell, or because the vendor subsequently modified the funnel and used different upsells.
    This is not possible with CopeCart! As long as you are allowed to promote a frontend product, all upsells are approved for you, no matter what. Because we at CopeCart love fairness!

  3. Flexibility: If a vendor decides to add a new upsell product to the Upsell Funnel, they can do so without any problems. They do not have to get all their affiliates to request the approval for it, because with CopeCart Upsells this happens automatically. This makes the long-term cooperation more flexible and therefore more successful: for both vendors and affiliates!

We hope you appreciate this small but innovative feature, whether you are a Vendor or an Affiliate!

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