At CopeCart Marketplace your affiliate link will be generated automatically if you are authorized to promote the desired product. This is how you create your affiliate link for a product:

  1. Search the marketplace for a product you want to promote.

  2. Click on the button "Apply now".
    A) If the Vendor accepts affiliate partnership requests automatically, the product will be added to "My Partnerships" immediately and you can promote it.
    B) If the Vendor wants to confirm new affiliate requests manually, you should wait until your request is accepted before you can promote the product.

  3. For products that you are allowed to promote, you will see the button "Copy URL".

  4. With a click on this button, you can have your individual affiliate link for this product copied to clipboard. All products that you are allowed to advertise can now be found under "My partnerships".

  5. Done! It couldn't be easier! 😉

Affiliate links at CopeCart have the following structure:{product-ID}/p/{affiliate-ID}/

{product-ID} is the Produkt ID
{affiliate-ID} is your Affiliate ID

As you can see, the structure of the CopeCart Affiliate Links is kept very simple. We have deliberately avoided unnecessary link parameters. 

What is my Product ID?

The Product ID is the 8-digit combination of letters and numbers that you will find in the Product URL of each product.

What is my Affiliate ID?

Your Affiliate ID is your CopeCart username. You can find it in your CopeCart account under the Account settings.

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