If you have created a separate page on your website for your affiliates which you present your affiliate program on, or if you want to draw the attention of your affiliates to your affiliate program by e-mail, you want to be able to register your affiliates in one click to promote your products.  

Otherwise, your affiliates would have to search for each of your products in the marketplace individually. We want to make this easier for them! 

In CopeCart you can quickly create an Affiliate registration link for one or more products! 

With this link you can: 

  • link on your affiliate page

  • use in mailings to your affiliates

So, how do you do it?

Step 1: Select the desired product(s)

  1. Go to "Products" in your CopeCart account.

  2. When you hover over a product, you will see a small round button in the upper right corner. Click and activate this button for the product or products for which you want to create your affiliate registration link!

  1. Once you have selected one or more products in step 1, a button with the text "Get Affiliate Registration Link" will appear. Click on this button to copy your affiliate registration link.

  2. Done! Now you can use your affiliate registration link to invite your affiliates to promote your products!

You need to create affiliate registration links for your frontend products only. Upsells are automatically approved for affiliates when the corresponding frontend product is approved.

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