CopeCart introduces the Phone Offer, a new feature designed to ease and enhance the ordering process. 

The Phone Offer feature makes the order process very flexible and effective. It does not matter what the initial product settings are – with this new feature it is possible to change the payment plan on the fly and set the product cost, installment, or subscription payments individually for each client.

The Phone Offer feature enables Vendors to adjust payment details for each order specifically and independently of general product settings.

In other words, Phone Offer allows to select any of payment plans and arrange the amount, quantity, and intervals of payments on the fly without editing the product settings.

Phone Offer Feature Restrictions

  1. PayPal and SOFORT cannot be selected as payment methods for Phone Offer.

  2. The invoice payment method applies only to one-time payments.

  3. Address fields are mandatory for all product types.

  4. The Phone Offer feature is disabled for inactive products.

  5. Upsells and Upsell Funnels are unavailable for Phone Offer orders.

  6. Country selling restrictions do not apply to the Phone Offer.

Phone Offer in a Vendor view

The vendor can access New Phone Offer page in two ways:

  1. From the Products tab by clicking on the Phone Offer icon:

2. By clicking on the Phone Offer icon on the Edit product page:

When the New Phone Offer page is opened, all payment plans will be automatically available for the product. The vendor can change payment details and edit/fill in the buyer’s personal information before clicking on the Confirm Order button.

Please pay attention that there is no need to edit product settings and add another payment plan. On the New Phone Offer page, a Vendor can change the payment plan with the drop-down menu at once:


Can I replace the main product when using the Phone Offer feature?

Yes, with the drop-down menu:

Moreover, if buyer information fields were filled in before the main product has been replaced, only payment details should be renewed.

I have configured only one payment plan. Do I need to change initial product settings to choose another payment plan?

No, there is no need to edit product settings.

Any of the existing payment plans can be selected on the fly for this order specifically and independently.

Do I have to reconfigure payment details to adjust the amount, quantity, and intervals of installments?


Just set the desired amount and select the applicable payment interval.

Will any of my changes in the Phone Offer page affect the initial product settings?


These changes apply only to the given order.

Can I select different payment plans for different buyers purchasing the same product?


Configurations made at the Phone Offer page do not affect each other.

Do JVP conditions apply to products sold with Phone Offer?

Yes, if they were configured beforehand.

Phone Offer in an Affiliate/Seller View

Only those Affiliates who are provided with Seller permissions can use the Phone Offer feature. 

To access a Phone Offer page, Seller should proceed to their Products page. For Affiliate, it is possible to see only the products listed as product cards, but Seller is provided with additional rights, so they can see a Phone Offer button on every product card which the Phone Offer feature is enabled for:

The Phone Offer introduces more flexibility to the selling process, as a Seller can adjust the schedule, quantity, and amount of payments: 

When selling a product via Phone Offer feature, it is possible to select the exact commission rate that is to be used in a given order:

Important! It is obligatory to select the commission to avoid the erroneous deduction of the Affiliate share. Afterward there can be no correction of the transaction!

Also, Phone Order ensures that all required fields containing buyer’s personal data are filled in correctly and no information is missed:

The Seller can select the payment method that is desirable for the buyer, too: 

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