Product types guide:

Digital Products

Products accessible online are digital products. Downloadable or not, they include but are not limited to webinars and their recordings, e-learning materials, video and audio files, digital art and templates, graphics, and access to member areas.

Mobile/desktop apps and software are digital products.

Note: Personal online coaching is not a digital product but a digital service. The E-book is a separate product type.

Note: Buyer country standard VAT rate applies when purchasing a digital product.

Physical Products

These are products that are to be sent via post or delivery service. Basically, it means everything that can be shipped including but not limited to: clothes, footwear, tools, furniture, accessories, jewelry, art, etc.

  • Printed books and magazines, although considered physical products, belong to a separate product type due to reduced tax rates.

No weapons are allowed.

No medicines and/or food supplements are allowed (including pills, powders, juices, oils, syrups, etc).

For now, it is possible to sell and send physical products only from Germany.

Note: Sender country standard VAT rate (i.e., 19%) applies when purchasing physical products.

Printed Books

These include books and/or magazines that are shipped by post or delivery service.

For now, it is possible to sell and send physical books only from Germany.

Note: Sender country reduced VAT rate (i.e., 7%) applies when purchasing printed books.


E-books in any of the supportable formats can be either downloadable or intended to be viewed online.

E-books do not belong to digital products due to specific tax regulations.

Note: Buyer country reduced VAT rate applies when purchasing e-books.


This product type requires the physical presence of the event visitors. Seminar held online is a webinar and counts as a digital product as well as its recordings.

For now, only seminars and events that are to be held in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland can be sold at CopeCart.

Note: Seminar/event country standard VAT rate applies when purchasing this type of product.


There are two types of services.

Physical services are provided personally and are charged with the country VAT rate of the country the service is provided in. In order to be sold at CopeCart, the physical service must be provided in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

Digital services such as personal online coaching are charged with service recipient country VAT rate. In order to be sold at CopeCart, the service must be provided in Germany, Austria, or Switzerland.

Note: Online courses and video coachings are digital products.

Restricted Products

If a product violates any law, regulation, or CopeCart policy, it cannot be sold at CopeCart.

It is prohibited to sell products that are dangerous, illegal, and restricted in any way.

According to CopeCart Terms and Conditions, restricted products are as follows:

  • sexually offensive products;
  • alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceuticals (including dietary supplements);
  • products that discriminate against third parties on the basis of race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age;
  • products that violate the rights of third parties, in particular trademarks, patents or other industrial property rights;
  • products for which legal advertising prohibitions or restrictions exist;
  • products that may be sold only to end customers of full age (e.g. Adult content, purchase age-restricted).

CopeCart reserves the right, to deny all products that can cause harm, where CopeCart it not able to estimate the risk.

Denied Products

Products are denied in two cases:

  1. They belong to the Restricted products list.
  2. One or a few obligatory parameters from Product details or a support email address are missing.

If you are 100% sure that your product complies with all the policies and regulations and is absolutely legal, please check if you have set the next mandatory parameters for the product to be approved:

  • Product name
Product name
  • Product description
Product description
  • Product image
Product image
  • Support email address
Support email address

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