The Order Overview is a new CopeCart feature that allows a Vendor to go through all necessary order details. To proceed to Order Overview page, all you should do is go to Transactions page, scroll the page a little down to find a Transactions List, and click on the exact Order ID:

Order Overview page consists of four main sections:

  • Overall price

  • Buyer

  • Product

  • Payments

Overall price 

This section provides details about order net amount, gross amount, and applicable VAT.


This section provides details about a customer and lists customer info (name, buyer’s country, address, telephone, and e-mail). 


The product section provides brief information about the purchased product(s), including addons. 

The information about the main product includes:

  • Product picture and Product name as they are set by the Vendor.

  • Product ID – a unique character sequence assigned to a product.

  • Product price – product cost set by the Vendor.

  • Payment details – Payment plan (Subscription, Installment payment, One-time payment).
    The vendor can terminate the buyer’s subscription right from the Order Overview page by clicking on the Cancel button:

  • Joint Venture Partnership – list of Joint Venture Partners (if any) and their shares.

  • Affiliate – list of Affiliates (if any) and their shares.

Addons (if any) and their brief description are listed below the main product details.

Information about an Addon product includes addon name, price, payment details, and Joint Venture Partnership details.


Payment section provides next details about payments made for this order:

  • Payment method – defines the payment procedure according to payment systems: SOFORT, SEPA, PayPal, credit/debit card, or bank payment.

    The vendor can change the payment method to another one that is available (for example, SEPA to Visa/Mastercard) by clicking on the Edit button. Please note that PayPal forbids the changing of payment method.

  • List of payments with next parameters:

  • Number – index number of processed payment.

  • Overview – a brief payment annotation that includes Transaction details, Product details, and Payment details. To review it, just click on the magnifying glass icon. 

  • Invoice – an invoice with all required banking information. To view and download it as a pdf-file, click on the pdf icon. 

  • Send Invoice – a feature that allows a Vendor to re-send an invoice to a Customer. To do it, click on the envelope icon. 

  • Date – the date when the payment was processed.

  • Amount – the total sum of payment.

  • Status – shows whether a payment was paid to a Vendor or returned to the Customer.

  • Refund – allows a Vendor to perform refunding right from the Order Overview page by clicking the Refund button:  

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