CopeCart Reseller Model

In terms of online business, CopeCart is a reseller. Basically, it means that CopeCart purchases products from vendors and then markets those products to end-users. When the user places an order, the product is being purchased from CopeCart. As a result, the purchasing process is conducted between the end user as a Buyer and CopeCart as a Seller. 

How can you profit from cooperation with CopeCart?

You might think that online business requires bookkeepers, lawyers, tax specialists, marketing analysts, and PR managers to be involved in the process of the sale. It really does, but we have moved forwards and cut all the intermediary parties out so you could concentrate on your business.  

We provide you with a transparent and easily manageable system that helps to track all the financial matters. We do know that time is money, so we arrange almost all the bookkeeping by ourselves to save your time and efforts. 

Who manages all the mandatory formalities with tax offices and documentation?

We do.

As a reseller, CopeCart calculates and deducts the tax fees and pays them to respective tax offices according to the law. 

Is CopeCart supervised by BaFin?

BaFin supervises only financial institutions like payment service providers. CopeCart is a reseller that arranges a purchasing and not a payment process. Thus, CopeCart stands out of scope of obligatory BaFin supervision. 

Yet, to eliminate all the risks, we cooperate only with BaFin approved instances.

How CopeCart protects user data and guarantees safe payments?

First, we store no credit card data. We are no payment service provider.

Second, we cooperate only with PCI certified instances that are BaFin supervised, so all payments are safe and legal.

Third, it is obligatory for every CopeCart user to reveal their identity, so we can be sure that there are no fake accounts, and we work only with credible people. 

Absolutely legal. We pay taxes to tax offices and provide our clients with invoices and accurate reports. Every transaction is transparent and monitored to avoid any misunderstanding. We work with BaFin approved institutions, so any illegal activities and/or law violations are eliminated. 

Moreover, we thoroughly check all our products to exclude harmful, inappropriate, and illegal content.

We take care of legal issues, so you do not need to remember all the VAT regulations applicable for different countries and different products. We secure your money with retention deposit and perform payouts on a regular basis. All you have to do is concentrate on your business goals, and we will manage all the formalities and fulfill our obligations with due diligence.

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